There are 5 major ways in which women tend to their pubic hair, not including leaving it alone and letting your freak flag fly. Nothing wrong with that, as long as your partner doesn't mind. But if are planning on styling your pubic hair, here are some ways to do it.

1. Shaving
2. Depilatory Removal
3: Bikini Waxing 
4. Electrolysis/Laser Removal
5. Threading


Upside: shaving is relatively inexpensive, quick and private (that is, if you want it to be private). 

Downside: ingrown hairs, rapid regrowth gives new meaning to the term ' five o'clock shadow,' and the itchiness associated with it. Then, of course, it can be difficult to get 'everything' without -- ahem -- mangling yourself. A steady and slow hand, a good moisturizing shaving gel and a great deal of flexibility and/or mirror should help. 

 Bikini Waxing: 

Upside: Quick, hair grows back softer and easier to manage; regrowth time is greatly extended, skin appears smoother and ingrown hair growth is reduced.

Downside: Pain! There's no other to say it but it can be reduced by taking a pain reliever twenty minutes prior to the session. Lack of privacy - there's something to be said to have a professional having a conversation with you with your legs spread wide open.  

Electrolysis/Laser Removal: This is touted as permanent pubic hair removal process using electric shock or intense pulsed light. Depending on the woman, either might require multiple visits. Best done by a professional. 

Upside: Permanent -- there's no going back-- but if that's what you want...  

Downside: Time-consuming, extremely expensive and for electolysis, ridiculously painful, making waxing like child's play --like a rubber band snapping against your most tender of skin repeatedly. Laser works best with dark coarse hair and light skin. Sensitive skin may scar. 

Threading: This, I imagined, would be the granddaddy of all pain but surprisingly, it's not. Threading is one of the oldest methods of body hair removal. It originated in Turkey; today, threading is gaining popularity in Western cosmetology.

Upside: Quick, healthier for skin than waxing, no ingrown hairs; inexpensive, fast and relatively painless (with a skilled practitioner). Sustainable for all skin types, even those too sensitive for laser hair removal or waxing; results last for 2-4 weeks.

Downside: This is a difficult technique that NEEDS to be done by a professional practitioners. Do not attempt this at home.
Depilatory Removal: 
Upside: relatively inexpensive; easy to apply, effective removal at the root unlike shaving. 

Downside: the smell (regardless of scent covers) still exists, high potential for allergic reaction to chemicals; for some, it burns if kept on too long. If you move the wrong way -- OOPS! -- more can come off than intended. 

Tip: Set a timer.
How to Create Your Own Pubic Hair Style
Bobbie Chuan
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